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Snow Plow Insurance

During winter weather, snow can accumulate quickly, and snowplows are essential to have on hand when clearing local roadways.

On snow-covered roads, hazards are numerous, and if the roads remain unplowed, drivers could remain stranded at home and face incalculable risks if they do venture out. Snowplow services will be able to do their part in keeping these risks low.

Still, plow owners and operators face numerous risks and liabilities. They send their vehicles onto the roads in conditions where the average car is not able to drive. Plows will face safety risks, including the risks of collisions with other vehicles, during these times. Plus, because of the unique value and components attached to plows, they need to be kept secure and functional if problems occur.

Like all commercial enterprises, plowing services need appropriate insurance, and Frazer Insurance Agency, Inc. is the place to come to get the right benefits for your company. We serve Windsor, White River Junction, Lebanon, Claremont, St. Johnsbury, Newport and surrounding areas, and we guarantee your satisfaction when you get your coverage with our help.

Snowplow Insurance Features

Snowplows need to operate efficiently and safety. They also must be ready to roll at a moment’s notice. If you can’t provide the services your community needs, then there could be a scramble to come up with alternative arrangements, locals could face increased safety risks behind the wheel, and your own commercial sustainability could come under threat.

With snowplow insurance, you’ll both protect your plows from unexpected accidents and shore up your own solvency as a result. You’ll be able to both perfect your business’s risk management strategy and continue to meet licensing and compliance regulations required in your area.

Benefits that you might need include:

  • Commercial auto insurance
  • General liability insurance
  • Workers’ compensation insurance

Other benefits like inland marine insurance, commercial property insurance and professional liability coverage can also prove essential.

Frazer Insurance Agency, Inc. understands snowplow insurance from the inside out, and we know that coverage is essential at all times of year, not just during plowing season. We’ll make sure your benefits provide optimized coverage during your most active times, but we can also adapt your plan so that you don’t have to pay for benefits you don’t need during the off-season.

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